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Lugen Rhizoma Phragmitis
The source is from underground rhizomes of perennial herbaceous plant, Phragmites communis Trin, family Gramineae, and the producing areas are in all parts of China. The medicinal material is collected in the end of spring and early stage of summer or in autumn, cut into segments, the fresh or the dried can be used.
Medicinal Properties Sweet in flavor, cold in nature and attributive to the lung and stomach meridians.
Actions Clear away heat and promote the production of the body fluids, stop vomiting and relieve restlessness.
1. For the treatment of febrile disease consuming the body fluids marked by fever with restlessness, thirst, redness of the tongue and shortness of the tongue fluid, it is often combined with Tianhuafen (Radix Trichosan-this), Maimendong (Radix Ophiopogonis), etc. to clear away heat and promote the production of the body fluids together.
2. For vomiting due to stomach-heat, it can be decocted alone into thick juice for oral use; or used together with Zhuru ( Caulis Bambusae in Taeniam ) and ginger juice so as to strengthen the action of stopping vomiting.
3. It is used for cough due to lung-heat and pulmonary abscess and can resolve phlegm and drain pus as well as clear away lung-heat. For cough due to exogenous wind and heat, it is usually combined with Jiegeng (Radix Platycodi ), Sangye ( Folium Mori ), and Niubangzi (Fructus Arctii), etc. to expel wind and heat, such as Sang Ju Yin (Decoction); For cough due to lung-heat with yellow and thick sputum, often combined with Gualou ( Fructus Trichosanthis ) , Beimu ( Bulbus Fritillariae), and Huangqin (Radix Scutellariae), etc.. For pulmonary absess with pus sputum, combined with Yiyiren ( Semen Coicis ), Dongguaren ( Semen Benincasae) and others that can clear away heat and disperse pus, such as Weijing Tang (Decoction).
In addition, it has certain action of clearing away heat and promoting diuresis, so it is also used for oliguria with brownish urine and pyretic stranguria with pain.
Usage and Dosage 15 30 g is used in decoction for oral use. 30 -60 g of the fresh is effective in clearing away heat and promoting the production of body fluids and diuresis.
Notes Used with caution in the patient with deficiency and cold of the spleen and stomach.

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