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Anatomy, Acupoints And Reflecting Of Foot(C)

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Reflecting of foot

Extra acupoints:
(1) Tip of medial malleolus acupoint (EX-DF 1) :
Location: At the tip of medial malleolus (Fig. 2-37) :
Indications: Toothache of lower jaw, muscle spasms on medial side of foot, aphasia in babies and prolonged discharge of lochia.

(2) Tip of external malleolus acupoint (EX-DF 2) :
Location: At the tip of lateral malleolus (Fig. 2-38).
Indications: Muscle spasms on the lateral side of foot, toe spasms, toothache, stranguria, inflammation of sublingual soft tissues in children, and beriberi.

(3) Bafeng acupoints ( EX-DF 3):
Location: They are slightly posterior to the web borders between each of 2 neighboring toes, 8 in all on both feet (Fig. 2-39).
Indications: Redness and swelling of foot dorsum, beriberi, headache, neuralgia of dental nerves, intermittent fever, congestion of blood in lungs, irregular menstruation, malaria, and snake bite.
Location: On big toe and at the midpoint between Dadun (LR 1) and Taichong (LR 3) (Fig. 2-40).
Indication: Hypertension.

(5) Zhiping acupoints (EX-DF 5) :
Location: They are on the dorsal side of toes and at the dorsal midpoints of each metatarsophalangeal joints, 10 in all on both feet (Fig. 2-41).
Indications: Sequelae of poliomyelitis and paraplegia.

(6) No. 15 acupoints (EX-DF 6):
Location: These are 2 acupoints on each foot, 5 fen distal to the midpoint of dorsal crease of ankle joint and in the depressions (Fig. 2-42).
Indications: Pain in waist and leg and gastrocnemius muscle spasms.

(7) No. 16 acupoint (EX-DF 7) :
Location: On the medial side of foot and in a depression above the process of navicular bone (Fig. 2-42).
Indications: Hypertension, parotitis, and acute tonsillitis.

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