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You Just Need a Sound Sleep for the Maintenance of the Penis
Time:5/4/2011 4:36:18 AM
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 The notion of “nightly penis erections” in the medical science refers to the spontaneous erection of penis when men are asleep. Every normal male has this kind of situation. The erection times are different due to ages, physical conditions and sexual conditions. Generally speaking, there are seven or eight erectile times for a young man each evening, and the frequency of erection is significantly higher than that in the daytime theoretically. The frequency of erections will decline gradually with the increase of age. A healthy and normal old man erects about two or three times every night.

The studies show that the oxygen tension in the corpora spongiosum during the penis erection is 3 or 4 times as in the moment of fatigue and weakness. This kind of oxygen tension helps to promote the metabolism of the chrotoplast in the corpora Cavernosa of penis and regain a well sexual function. Therefore, the doctors of andriatrics prefer to give a vivid image to a sound sleep as “charging the penis”

A man with a sound sleep will have several times for “charging” every night, which can assure his sexual function in a good condition. The probability of charging the penile erection will decline or disappear when a man is lack of sleep or has a low quality of sleep. Thus, it is not difficult to imagine that the function of erection will become weaker as time passes by.

Actually in the real life, not only the insomniacs but also many “owls” that often stay up have unsatisfactory quality of sexual life. The truth is the same. Therefore, men should try to strike a balance between work and rest to ensure a sufficient and high quality of sleep. This is a cheap and efficient “health care” for the penis and sexual function.

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