Useful Links

The following list is provided to help you find useful links and resources regarding alternative medicine and holistic treatments.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians – The AANP website includes naturopathic resources of schools, licensed states, conventions, as well as a complete database for clinics, physicians, spas and patients.

Plants For A Future – This UK resource center provides a helpful center for medicinal and edible plants as well as a database for over 7000 species of useful plants.

Ayurvedic Foundations – The site provides workshops and training in the United States and abroad along with recordings and lifestyle counseling in Ayurvedic medicine.

Medline/PubMed – Gain access to all the latest research and citations in Medline. The site provides links to participating journals and medical related databases.

Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute – the website contains content and research based on natural Chinese Herbology. You will find the differences between Chinese and western styles of herbalism. Courses and training programs are also offered in sciences and related health subjects that include ethics, environmental health, legal and historical aspects of herbal health care.

Chiro Resources – This websites provides a wealth of useful information on alternative health and chiropractic solutions.

Alternative & Complementary Medicine Center – This website provides helpful links to alternative medicine with natural choices for self-managed care. Find all the latest updates and information about alternative systems, resources, list of key health centers and how you find the best providers in alternative healthcare.